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Tiara "B" Litter 2001
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Finally, after a very drawn out labor, the maiden bitch, Tiara Norma Jean, lets the monsters out!  At 2:30AM the lovely and wandering "Braveheart" appeared.  My photographer fell asleep until the next one arrived at 3:42AM, the big beautiful  girl "Beebee."  That was a textbook presentation of Beebee compared to her brother Braveheart who had to swing from a standing birth, (oh, we got his picture doing this act - will post later).  Norma Jean thinks she has this down now . . . coffee is perking and mother is a licking these new Aquarians.
At 4:38 AM - "Boing" arrives shot out of his mother as if he were going to land on a trampoline, and instead he lands in my hands.  Norma just stood up, presented her back end and with a thrust of her haunched body here is this adorable male.  He's got to have a great sense of humor!  Just 20 mins later at 4:58AM arrives "Betty" the best . . . and easiest delivery. . .  . . after which, this is where we all fall asleep . . mother Norma, photographer and cheerman Kirk and the ever watchful breeder, Julie.  Three cups of coffee and there is no getting past this waiting. . .   I have put together paperwork (11 OFA VWD registrations) 'till my eyes went blurry.  I thought I would just rest my eyes for a bit. . . Ha!  Next thing I know, I've been asleep . . still the peace in the room is so quiet that I hear a rooster crow . . . . am I imagining?  No one has a rooster in La Jolla -- do they?  Possibly someone in the neighborhood has an alarm clock that crows?  I shake my head and go to the computer to catch up on typing my notes. 
FINALLY, (we're certain : )   the last pup is presented.  Because of the long pause (break) I name her "Breakitta" on the spot.  Four mins shy of 3 hours, at 7:54 AM is this lovely birth.  Norma Jean is beside herself with duty.  Her sister Nike, that has 13 day olds on the other side of the room, stops by often to wish her well and to nose the pups.  Later in the day, a nice couple from Hawaii visiting the poodles couldn't believe how all the dogs are fond of one another and of one another's puppies.  It's the way I expect everyone to live together.
It's about 8:30 AM,  the camera man is drowsy and calls in "late" for work (yea, turns out until tomorrow).   I have just given a quick call to each client and re-scheduled all the grooming appointments for the day until later in the week . .    Mid-morning, we took one of the cutest pictures I have ever taken of my puppies.  All of the pups and dam assembled for the official Tiara "B" litter photo. I have included it here.  Kirk goes straight to work on the computer pictures, as I take care of the dogs and of course, for the picture we placed the brand new towels in the whelping box (that Sally Ciraolo dropped off over the weekend ). . . . when,  . . . you guessed it . . . 4 1/2 hours after his sister, at 12;28 PM, comes such a little bronco buckaroo, wiggling and flailing to become unstuck from his mother's ring of capture, we helped him out and said "BRAVO!"   Those perfect towels will never be the same.
These puppies would have been fully-developed for delivery  earlier yesterday, but Norma Jean actually stopped her labor a few times since Sunday.  Almost as if she couldn't believe that this is how it was suppose to go.  She watched Nike, her sister breeze through the delivery of 7 pups in about 2 hours recently and I believe was really surprised it wasn't that easy.  My dear Norma Jean, your puppies were each near a pound compared to the little squimmies Nike whelped. .Hers are 3 times the size now, but just think about how much easier that would have been to deliver.   Please have another helping of tripe and a turkey neck and close your eyes for rest.  I'll clean the dirty bottoms for a while as you sleep.
Tiara "B" Litter 2001
 2:30 AM  "Braveheart"
 3:42 AM  "Beebee"
 4:38 AM  "Boing"
 4:58 AM  "Betty"
 7:54 AM  "Breakitta"
12:28 PM  "Bravo" 

Norma had lots of massage work during labor 
by Julie and Kirk

Braveheart's arrival

Beebee and Norma

Boing and Norma

Betty makes her appearance

Breakitta and Norma


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