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Tiara "D" Litter 2002
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Tiara "D" Litter's "class photo" at 7 weeks!
Look at how smart these puppies are looking!!!  Trotting on the
leash like a pro, and posing like the stars they are (below, scroll down).

Tiara "D" Litter born 01/12/02.

5:50 PM a very dashing, 10.5 oz. male arrived, In which we commented how dashing!  We named him "Dash," and hoped that will help him in agility as well.  I called one of my best friends, Debrah Jolgren (president SD Poodle Club) and said he's here and 10.5 oz.s . .  . he is perfect, looks like any other standard poodle baby, and he has great shoulders.  She said that we were off to a great start and I agreed.  We need males to go forward with from breedings like this.  Not just the litters I may do, but a bunch more standard breeders should try to help someday in this regard; I am glad to know of three other breeders, but would love to know of more.

dashing_birth.jpg (100963 bytes) dashingD1.jpg (89521 bytes)
Dash's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
dashingleash.jpg (143043 bytes) Dash on leash, 7 weeks

At 6:13 PM another beautifully formed male arrives, and I say, "Oh, Dr. Armstrong would be thrilled!" and Kirk says, that's a good name, "Doc" and so he is, 8.5 oz.s.  We placed a white mark on his tail to tell him apart.  We thought that name would work well too if he went on to be a duck retriever and they could spell it Dock.

doc_birth.jpg (94694 bytes) docD2.jpg (83074 bytes)
Doc's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
doctrot.jpg (184243 bytes) Doc trotting, 7 weeks
docupdate.JPG (76995 bytes) Doc lives in Connecticut with Tiara S litter brother.  Pictured with profiler, owner and Breeder.

At 7:17 PM    a fellow shows up with head dangling without a sac (the only one in the litter).  Lovey had stood up to turn her position while contracting and here is this fine fellow's head out of her vagina - taking his first breaths and looking for a place to land.  I was hesitant to pull on him and waited until it was time for him to *jump!*  We named him "Daring", as he had really made birth more of an adventure than most find the courage.  He weighed in at 8 oz.s and we put a white mark on his right shoulder.  He was the only pup in the litter born with the dam standing (this time).
daring_birth.jpg (95375 bytes) daringD3.jpg (89076 bytes)
Daring's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
daringpose.jpg (209465 bytes) Daring posing, 7 weeks
Daringupdate.JPG (74958 bytes) Daring is now the new Prince of Bel Air.

At 7:20 PM, most definitely out of sync in timing and quite demanding for a meal was a very good looking male that weighed 9 oz.s, but before we could weigh him, we were waiting for the rest of his umbilical cord and placenta to be presented . . . . *wait* is not in this dog's vocabulary and he was nursing while his placenta was still attached and within the mother.  Kirk commented that the pup was actually being fed by two sources at that instant.  A very determined young man, and thus we named him "Determined," and placed a spot on his head.
determined_birth.jpg (91363 bytes) determinedD4.jpg (98067 bytes)
Determined's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
determinedtrot.jpg (188866 bytes) <<Determined trotting, 7 weeks
determinednewowner.JPG (82141 bytes) determinedupdate.JPG (17567 bytes)
^ Here's Determined with his new owner, who flew out to California to pick him up. ^ Determined is indeed and now pursues a retriever trial career in Northern Minnesota.

7:30 PM a male was born, weighing in at 7 oz.s and there was a mention on the TV about the show, I Love Lucy . . . we named him "Desi" and put a mark on his left shoulder.   Desi will most likely be an oversize miniature.  Note at Desi's birth picture that Determined's cord is also waiting to pass.  They did so simultaneously.  Lovey was very content cleaning and feeding the pups and when the hour came around to 50 min.s after the hour, instead of having another puppy, she wanted a drink, a turkey neck and a walk in the yard.  She came in and settled with her brood, so I checked out the movies on HBO.  We got to watch two movies we hadn't seen while delivering the rest of the puppies (Wedding Planner and The Beach).
desi_birth.jpg (101516 bytes) desiD5.jpg (91850 bytes)
Desi's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
desipose.jpg (219686 bytes) Desi posing, 7 weeks
Desiupdate.JPG (78964 bytes) Tiara Desert Wind Desi now lives with Ziggy the Affenpinscher in Tucson, AZ.

At 8:50 PM a female of beautiful outline reminding me of my A litter puppy named Aire was born.   We named her "D'Aire" weighed her at 8 oz.s and placed a white mark on her back.
daire_birth.jpg (75162 bytes) daireD6.jpg (107200 bytes)
D'aire's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
dairetrot.jpg (161959 bytes) D'aire trotting, 7 weeks

At 9:14 PM, you see the pattern returned, another lovely female of the same excellent outline arrived and I expressed that she was "Darling."  We put a white mark on her right rear leg and weighed her as the fourth pup at 8 oz.s
darling_birth.jpg (72793 bytes) darlingD7.jpg (102748 bytes)
Darling's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
darlingtrot.jpg (164952 bytes) Darling trotting, 7 weeks

At 10:30 PM the largest female arrived with a lot of good karma and we named her "Dharma," marked her left rear leg and weighed her at 9 oz.s
dharma_birth.jpg (79590 bytes) dharmaD8.jpg (109455 bytes)
Dharma's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
dharmapose.jpg (238861 bytes) Dharma posing, 7 weeks

At 11:06 PM  the second largest male was born and was a real "Dandy."  Especially liking his chest I marked that with the white spot.  His birth weight noted was 9.5 oz.s 
dandy_birth.jpg (76187 bytes) dandyD9.jpg (92941 bytes)
Dandy's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]
dandypose.jpg (251382 bytes) Dandy posing, 7weeks

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