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Tiara "E" Litter 2002
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Elitter6 weeks.JPG (90626 bytes)

<< the E Litter's 6 week group photo!
Tiara "E" litter,  born 1/24/02.

Norma had us watching her closely since Saturday (1/19) when she started nesting regularly in her whelping box.  She is a dear dog, but by Wednesday, I was getting a bit buggy from staring at her!  She was really knocking things around in her whelping box in the wee early hours of Thursday so that I would go to her side I believe.  I gave in and let her up on my bed (next to her box).   At 4:15am I called Jenny and said that she should plan to come and assist around 9:00am (hey, Jen, it’s not the MIDDLE of the night, it’s almost morning : ).     With Norma on my bed, we both got some sleep until 7:00am   whoopee, we got to sleep in!  Norma is known as a perfect sleeper/bed partner . . . she just loves to sleep on the bed . . . . this being an inherited trait for certain, as her mother is the champ of this behavior.

At 10:35am  I went to the French restaurant at the corner for some people breakfast ordered to go and my great helper, owner of the father, Jenny Peckham is in charge of the “watch.”   She received a phone call from Debrah Jolgren asking if the puppies were here yet . . .  Debrah had seen me the night before at the poodle club meeting and knew why I had the phone by my side at the meeting because my dear boyfriend Kirk was on “watch.”  Well, I returned quickly with our sustenance boost and Jenny exclaims, “She just had a puppy!”  Elation goes out over the room and we check and it’s a girl.  Jenny says that Debrah just called and I returned the call and said since she phoned (within 5 min.s) we had the new, first puppy and placed the mark on her head . . . I asked Debrah to name her and she chose “Eleanor” which is a fine, distinguished name for this firstborn weighing in at 11 oz.s

eleanor.jpg (94374 bytes)

Eleanor, we are elated!
[click on the image to enlarge]

Eleanor_Trot.JPG (47802 bytes)

<<Eleanor starts the St Patrick's Day Parade!

At 10:56am a very elegant and lovely female is born and I see at a glance she may be of the style I would want to keep for myself, I name her “Elizabeth” without giving a second thought to any other name.  An elegant name for an elegant puppy and the name of one of my favorite health pioneers in poodles and a breeder of some of the sire’s pedigree.  I thought later, how in the first litter with the birth of the second born, I also thought to honor someone that has passed on and had a lot to do with the beautiful puppies being born (Doc).  I placed the mark at the base of her tail.  This fine puppy weighed in the largest of both the D and E litters at 12oz.

elizabeth.jpg (107615 bytes)

Elizabeth the Elegant
[click on the image to enlarge]

Elizabeth_Trot.JPG (40028 bytes)

<<Elegant Elizabeth looks forward to trotting on the US East Coast.

At 11:46am   A very EAGER male puppy is born, one of those guys that have to eat before he catches his first few breaths.  Boyfriend Kirk was on the phone with me and heard the first squeaks for food from this new puppy . . . .  Kirk named him “Erik”  (note the K : ).  Placed the mark on his back and this is the first puppy Jenny and I could manage a picture of the birth.  Kirk is usually the official birth photographer and he was at work . . . and on the phone.  This big guy weighed in at 11.5oz.s

erik_birth.jpg (92363 bytes) erikE3.jpg (108578 bytes)
Erik the Eager's birth and first "official" portrait

Erik_Flowers.JPG (69682 bytes)

<<Gentleman Erik minding the store.

At 12:02pm  The first of our afternoon delights is born and I name her “Edelweiss” thinking of the fun afternoon picnic in the Sound of Music story . . . . and my favorite song from that epic.  I was able to capture her birth with the camera too. We mark her right front leg and weigh her in at 10oz.s

edelweiss_birth.jpg (92067 bytes) edelweissE4.jpg (111897 bytes)
Edelweiss's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]

EdelwiessEdwinna.JPG (57803 bytes)

<<Pictured with her new family, Edelweiss lives with Edwina in Chicago now.

At 12:08pm fast on the heels of her sister is born the curliest puppy of the two litters.  We marked this female puppy’s left front leg and cooed over her for her beautiful curls.  I named her “Ester” and she weighed in at 10oz.s

ester.jpg (118672 bytes)

Ester the Curly
[click on the image to enlarge]

Ester_Trot.JPG (37113 bytes)

<<The girl with the nose, Ester is looking for work.

At 3:10pm Norma Jean had had a good midway break, a full 3 hours after the last puppy and here comes “Etta” at last!  Her taking her time coming to see us made us think Etta~ at last and her lovely outline also reminded me of a champ belonging to my pal Lisa Brazil Lindsay in MO.  We marked her right rear leg and weighed her at 9.5oz.s

etta.jpg (112938 bytes)

Etta at last is here!
[click on the image to enlarge]

Etta_Trot.JPG (45121 bytes)

<<Etta continues the parade.

At 4:22pm  The second and final male of this female-dominated litter arrived and I thought he would need a strong name and named him “Ethan.”  I asked him if he had seen Allen in there?  I warned him that he better get used to lots of girls around . . . we marked his left right leg and checked his weight as 9oz.

ethan.jpg (125193 bytes)

Ethan, where's Allen?
[click on the image to enlarge]

Ethan_Flowers.JPG (67649 bytes)

<<Ethan stops to smell the flowers.

At 5:53pm  Norma was restless and enjoyed walking around the room and snooping around in some other rooms (tops at snooping).  She came into the room with the cleaning lady, Tina.  I asked Tina if she had seen a puppy born before.  She said, “Oh no,” that she had not.  I said that I thought that Norma wanted to display this new birth. So, Norma and I worked together on her contractions, my helper brought me a towel and the cleaning lady and all the dogs, including the father, got to watch as the new pup was born . . . we named her Entertainment on the spot.  Later, we thought of a favorite lady entertainer and named her “Eva.”  Her birth weight was 8.5oz.s

eva.jpg (119871 bytes)

Eva the Entertainer
[click on the image to enlarge]

EvaMarin.jpg (43661 bytes)

<<Eva charmed her way with her new owner from Marin County with just a glance.

At 6:35pm  A lovely female puppy (another one!) is born and we name her “Elise” and mark her chest.  Her weight is 9.5oz.s

elise.jpg (124039 bytes)

Elise does her pose
[click on the image to enlarge]

Elise_Trot.JPG (37113 bytes)

<<Lovely Elise brings up the end of the parade.

At 10:32pm  After a lot of massage and damp cloth face rubs, Norma is ready to give us our last blessing of the E litter.  Earlier, the pups had a visitor, Jim @ 8:30, when he came to pickup Jenny.  Kirk had made it home from work about the same time . . . then I went to work really massaging and helping Norma with the contractions.  I could feel this last puppy and Kirk and I worked hard to help her deliver it.  At about 9:30 Norma and I were engaged in such a team effort and each pushing so hard, and I was bent over with my arms around her abdomen helping with the struggle.  I actually had a blood vessel break in my eye we were pushing so hard!   Nothing moving,  so I  put my pajamas on and stared at Norma some more . . . . we certainly had time to have the camera ready for this birth.   Well, finally FASHIONABLY LATE, we have the last female, the final puppy whelped . . . 12 hours after the first . . . I named her “Edwina,” after one of my favorite characters on Absolutely Fabulous (a British TV Comedy).  We call her Eddie, marked the tip of her tail and she weighed in at 10oz.
edwina.jpg (92049 bytes) edwinaE10.jpg (99003 bytes)
Edwina, Fashionably Late's birth and first "official" portrait
[click on any image to enlarge]

EdelwiessEdwinna.JPG (57803 bytes)

<<Pictured with her new family, Edelweiss lives with Edwina in Chicago now.

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