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Tiara "X" Litter 2000 -- view their pedigree

Two boys holding two girls -- Dominic and Alexander 
holding Xport and Xlia

Exactly six months from the W litter . . . here come the X capades! Birth order is maintained for testing and registration. White marks are put on the pup's coats to identify from birth. All are very black as wished for.

I had to leave being by her side. . . . watching this girl nearly around the clock for a week was not birthing these babies and they felt as big as they should get. I ran a few errands to "induce labor."

Lovey wanted to whelp each one out of the box, I think to keep the nest clean. The puppies were born in nice sacs with little to no debris (that green yuck). All were chunky, no ribs showing. At 10:58 all are so quiet nursing I wouldn't know puppies were in the room if I didn't turn around. Xenia had a incredible BM within 2 hours of birth . .. . hope that doesn't mean . .oh, you know the saying(!)

Xenia was born first under my computer desk and 14 oz. . . just as I walked in the room to check on Lovey. 4:50PM (put white mark on shoulder). Chunky build. I didn't see Lovey dear and found her just presenting the pup on the linoleum, surrounded by a few of my sweaters she had taken out from under storage . . Girl! Looked like the perfect cave with wool lining to me . . .smart poodle. No damage to even one sweater . . .the storage bag was history, as smart as Tiara Love Me Do, OA, AXJ has proven herself, she hasn't yet conquered zippers!

Xlia, although black as all the rest, she is named for a lovely white poodle that belonged to Jeannette Wieckhardt was born next. Birth occurred as a plopping out from the high-dive dare devil wannabe Lovey's puppy release valve.  Weighing 15 oz. and born at 6:29PM (put white mark on butt). Very nice looking.

Xarla, a name made up on the spot. I was aware now of Lovey's desire to leave the nest to whelp, and was there to gently lower this pretty girl from the high-dive pushing mechanism. Another dog I wanted to honor, my old roomy Rottweiler, Carla, is now 10 years old and I thought this name unique.  Perfect birth, this will be a perfect "child." Weight 13 oz. Time 6:41PM (put a white mark on mid-back). Good proportions.

Xport, to be called "Portia." I received a phone call from my guy in Finland and asked him to think of an appropriate name as the puppy was being born. . . after he came up with X-mas, I quickly grabbed the reigns and suggested Xport and Portia in a whisper as to help coach him . . . unless he could come up with a Finnish X name . . . . (our Finnish friend, Pirkko, says there are none). Born with a play by play long distance to that land of Santa Claus (and finally delivered IN the whelping box) 14 oz. at 6:41PM (put white mark on tail). Very elegant.

Xavier, arrived proud and handsome. This name had been suggested by many friends. Looks like a winner . . . 15oz. presented at 8:05PM (put white mark on right side).

Xerxes, happy to be born and feeling just a little stress compared to the rest he was ready to eat more so than the others. Not skinny, he was none the less hungry. His oldest sister had already been nursing for 4 hours and he had to catch up! 14 oz. at 8:50PM (put white mark on left side). Determined, & good looking.

Lovey makes things look easy. Thanks girl and glad you liked those couple sets of cold cut smoked turkey breasts I sneaked you as a reward. Can't remember the last time I whelped puppies with the sun still shining. It was still light for the first 2 girls. And here the report is complete, she has been properly fed her 1/2 dozen chicken necks, had a head sponge bath to feel more centered and a nice body massage to help her cramping and it's not even midnight . . .

3/29/00 Tiara X litter Sire: Ch Cadbury City Slicker (br) Dam "Lovey" (see Jan/Feb Poodle Review) (blk). Coefficiency of Inbreeding (COI) 4.5% for 10 generations.

Julie at Tiara
La Jolla, California

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