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Dam of Z litter, Tiara Karisma, foreground 10 days before pup's arrival.  She is pictured in a historical continental trim depicting the 15th Century archer's retriever.  Archer played by Kirk Reed.  Kennel Maid (there's a real stretch) played by breeder, Julie Borst.  Puppy with maid played by herself, "Portia" of the X litter (Xport) and nanny to the Y and Z litters.

rembo.jpg (168274 bytes)
Sire: Arbait-Zarembo at 4 yrs in 1996, Toronto, Canada.  Rembo and family left Latvia (Russia) in 1992.  Arbait-Zarembo was a medal winner as a puppy before leaving his homeland.  His pedigree is a welcome addition to the Tiara poodles' line.  We hope to go forward with several of his offspring born here.  If we can't find an unrelated black dog with which to breed to that will produce under 6% COI, perhaps we can breed one some day. Thanks to Rembo, his owners and his agent for this opportunity.

The Russian connections have arrived and are beautiful:

Nike had FIVE - 3 females and 2 males born June 20th and are ready to go on August 9, 2000.   

Kelly just had her SEVEN puppies during the wee hours on July 8, 2000 and has 5 females and 2 males.  Ready to go August 28, 2000.

Puppies sold on AKC and/or UKC limited registration, US $1700.00.  These are finest quality family pets.

Rembo (the sire) is very proud and has sent his good wishes  from Toronto, CN to the ladies and their lovely pups.  I have reserved a male and female from each litter to go forward with in my breeding program.

There are many beautiful puppies, 12 in all and still looking very black.  Nike's litter, Tiara "Y,"  have the eyes open and they are trying to trot around.  Kelly's litter, Tiara "Z," have just been born and mother and babies are resting nicely.  Feeding raw meat and vegetables along with bones throughout the gestation, lactating and weaning will contribute to an exceptional puppy.  The coats are already very luxurious and each puppy is gaining weight beautifully.  Socialization practices have already started and basic housetraining steps will be implemented at 3 1/2 weeks of age.  I currently change the towels in their nests three times per day.  This practice helps them to want to stay clean in the near future when they will have a choice.   I know, picture time!  Watch the website.  Speaking of time, all puppies are identified and times of births have been recorded.  The Personality Profile is to be conducted in birth order as usual.

On the light side, Portia and I have a great time playing with each puppy and handling (well, I handle --  she licks) them each day.  My pick of the "X" litter, "Portia," is baby sitting on occasions for the "Y" litter and is adorable with them.  She is now 3 months old and very excited about all the puppy action here in my office.  It is a very sweet and dear time.  On the "heavy" side, tails have all been docked of sufficient (long) length to balance with the profile of the high neck carriage.  Someday . . . we may not be doing this . .. but,  at this time we are continuing this tradition. 

Please visit when you may have the opportunity.  My next litter is planned to be bred in January with puppies available in March 2001.   When Tiara announces a litter, if you are sincerely interested, and have already talked personally with Julie Borst, you then mail check for $1700.00 for each puppy desired (sorry no multiple purchase discounts).  This money is refundable up to 48 hours after acquisition of the puppy for any reason.  The purchase by you at this time of announcement or shortly thereafter, is necessary to remove the particular sex and aged pup from the available selection.  Exact selection is not determined until the Puppy Personality Profile.  Those decisions will be made on a first paid, first selection process.  Only exception, will be families with small children. In those cases, the puppy will be selected for them by the tester, Marjorie Hudson and myself.  The profiles or "temperament tests" will be held in Escondido, CA (46 miles N.E. of the birthplace here in La Jolla).  

The Tiara "Y" litter  Puppy Personality Profile is planned for Wednesday August 9, 2000  &  the Tiara "Z" litter is planned for Sunday August 27, 2000.   All new owners are invited to attend.  Visitors may attend with permission of the breeder.

Julie Borst
Nike, Kelly, Portia and the puppies

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